Gosia Millward

Individual, Relationship Couple


January 17, 2023

Hello. I am a licensed Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. I have over 5 years experience providing psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, and teenagers. I offer individual, family, and couples therapy depending on your needs.
Getting to know and understand the unique and complex individual who I am working with is an ongoing focus in my therapy. I work to build a strong therapeutic relationship, grounded in authenticity, with a safe, genuine and non-judgmental atmosphere. This is essential for cultivating the benefits that come with greater self-awareness and emotional understanding of both past and present life experiences. Within this therapeutic atmosphere, opportunities open up for deeper personal meaning and more effective choices in responding to life’s challenges. When people commit to this work I tend to see great shifts in their ability to tolerate and grapple with painful emotions. With those shifts, new ways of experiencing life become possible.
The ability to take a genuine, curious, and compassionate look at yourself can lead the way to a profound sense of freedom and relief. I have seen nothing more beautiful than the kind of liberated and fulfilling life experiences that have resulted from dedication to this journey.